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. what do you think about what bobbi said? >> that is bobbi. he would say that about me. but i'm not going to do what bobbi would say. we are going to win this super bowl this year. and i go, why are you saying that? i'm not going to do that to coach shanahan. >> so they are going back to the super bowl. i'm just kidding, joe. tebow was cut by the jets yesterday. the omaha beach said they want him to pay for them -- played for them and a booklet -- and they will pay him $75 per game. for them and a booklet -- and tim -- you're mulch-flippingme. again, aren't you? hey scott -- yeah, it fades after awhile, so... it fades because it's inferior mulch, man. look...nature scapes is scotts best mulch -- they guarantee it to hold its color for a full year. wow. i figured you just did your mulch flipping at night. scoooott, movie's starting. oh, there are better ways to spend an evening, lad... coming honey! hey -- what moviv? [ door closes ] get scotts nature scapes mulch. it's guaranteed. >> movies and tv shows might but theall sound great, college of obscene is having a bad effect on
to a thousand. one... two... three... four... (groans) bobby, when are you and me gonna go to that nude beach that hugo was talking about? ugh. nude beaches are full of overweight, out-of-shape old bodies and i don't want to go there and realize i look exactly like that. i'll go with you, mom. mother-daughter nudity day. fun! i'm pretty sure it's no kids allowed. no kids allowed? hmm... look through here and tell me what you see. tina: it's a cliff. my turn! that's a cliff, all right. tina, you nailed it! no, it's a cliff that overlooks the nude beach. and if we figure out how to get up there, we could sell tours-- nudity tours-- to teenage boys. it's like the internet, but outside. yes! hey, whoa, god! we're not even at the nude beach yet, you. guess my boobs didn't get the memo. ha! linda: it's like we're in paris. i love it. i know. c'est la vie. let's go! whoo! keep hacking! come on, guys, we're gonna be the lewis and clark of nudism! i'll be the sacajawea. of sacks! this is fun! (gasps) you already took your bottoms off! whoa, whoa! what kind of shape is that? i don't
. >> billy bob. >> did i say billy ray? >> bobbie sue was the name of the doggie that got adopted. this is all babies and boobs today, people. new evian commercial. remember years ago the ground-breaking technology at the time? they have a brand new one. these little babies, that were rappers. and on roller skates. this is the old one. >> that was -- >> i forget this one, let's watch it. ♪ ♪ >> this was even before the wonner baby. >> this is "rapper's delight." >> not everyone. >> i guarantee you, my mother doesn't know it. >> we want to see the new one, right? >> the new one they're just releasing. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> it's like their younger selves. >> i let you know -- >> that is brilliant. that is adorable. >> that is brilliant. now, i understand that these folks have given us the baby treatment as well. >> they did? >> i don't know. >> who is that? >> that's who they think -- does that look like me? i'll take it. it looks more like one of tammy sealer's daughters. >> i think it is. >> and where's hoda? >> careful. >> you know what? i'm totally in to her. >> she's a
on how to recognize video game addiction and what to do about it. >> today, bobby is on his way to college, but when he was in junior high school, his only goal seemed to be getting the highest score. >> sometimes i would lose myself in the game. >> we would we see him there all day. he would, you know, stop for meals, come down, shovel food in, and run back upstairs again. >> bobby's mom feared that he was becoming addicted to playing. >> and it was like becoming engrossed in this other world. >> kevin roberts knows that video game addiction is possible. it happened to him. >> over 10 years, i played 14,000 hours of real-time strategy computer games. that's like having a job, another job, every year. i didn't achieve any of my goals. i had friendships that fell by the wayside. it was a real problem. >> kevin wrote "cyber junkie" to help families recognize the signs of video game and internet addiction. >> the three big signs that you have a problem are -- emotional outbursts -- you get upset when somebody tries to stop you from gaming. >> if they spend, like, more than two hour
reporter bobby dupree gives us a look at the festivities. ">>>the environmental resource center in part with spartans shops and associated students put on the annual san jose earth day event to celebrate and support a green life. "this event is put on campus to really bring the campus community together to celebrate the earth, to celebrate green living, and sustainable practices, so we bring out all our eco friendly vendors, you get to learn some stuff, play fun green games, win some reusable mugs, or get some yummy food, made with local produce, seasonal produce, free-range organic chicken. so it's really here to celebrate a green life." the festival included native american drum and dance performances, live animals, and the night concluded with the annual trashion fashion show. megan lomazzi spent the past few weeks diligently putting together each part of her recyclable dress. "i had this idea, i had this old mirror that my mom was going to throw away so i felt like if i smashed the mirror and piece it together to almost look like sequins." lomazzi along with six other designers' con
. david corn for "mother jones" magazine and bobby gosh editor of "time" international. i love you talking to what's his name? who's the guy -- the guy who tells the republicans how to talk. >> oh, frank luntz? >> you were the guy who broke the story. let's talk about the iranian argument. came up this weekend we senator lindsey graham and congressman mike rogers. if the president doesn't act, they say, the mullahs in terrain will not take them seriously. let's watch. >> if we keep this hands-off approach to syria, this indecisive action toward syria, kind of not knowing what we're going to do next, we're going to have a war with iran because iran's going to take our inaction in syria as meaning we're not serious about their nuclear weapons program. >> the problem is, you know, the president has laid down the line. he, you know, can't be a dotted line. it can't be anything other than a red line. in more than just syria, iran is paying attention to this. north korea is paying attention to this. >> well, john bolten, the hawk's hawk, and president bush's former u.n. ambassador echoed or wrot
, time for bobbie's buzz. >> let's talk about bobbie for a second before we get to bobbie's buzz. >> bobbie is going to be married on may -- >> 31st. >> at my house. and we're very excited. and all our viewers on facebook are having a chance to be part of it. >> they've been voting on your dress? >> they've been voting on my dress. i have only eight weeks to plan this. kathie and hoda have been asking me and i finally just said forget it, we'll get married at your house. my mom's kind of in tears right now because the sleeves on one dress -- there's all -- >> can we just talk, just about the wedding dress. the number of people who i see are clicking in voting -- i saw 8,000 for one dress. 5,000 for another. >> it's amazing how the small tweaks on a white dress can affect people. >> please help. vote on your choices. >> is it or >> both. >> because i love my mom so much and i'm sorry if the sleeves didn't win. okay -- i want to talk about personalized jewelry. and i've been getting a lot of compliments on these very small studs on my ear. it's the letters
for the hot new artists and they're going to perform for us. >>> and our style maven and author, bobbie thomas shows you how to dress to your colors she's got a new book out. >> and it's terrific, we're so happy for her. >>> we're back with more of >>> we're back with more of "today" on this booze-day, tuesday, talking about the power of confidence, if you're having trouble in relationships or finding a job. it could be related to your self-esteem. >> your body language speaks volumes about how others perceive you. here with tips to boost your confidence is life coach laura baron and tonya reiman, who is the author of "the body language of dating." >> we're looking at you. >> i couldn't believe -- >> we have the body language. >> can i tell you something, i did sit up more erectly -- >> what? >> you're all sick. >> as you say that, i mean confidence does affect your sex life. >> yes. >> let's talk about confidence. it is -- we're looking at the crowd outside saying i wonder if you can tell just by looking at people. but people do make a snap judgment about you based on how you carry yourself,
. >>> good afternoon, i'm virginia barrett co-editor with bobby coleman with the an theology occupy s.f., this seems to be the afternoon for poetry. i didn't know this day was coming but i'm supporting him as well along with alejandro [speaker not understood] fellow revolutionary of the [speaker not understood]. i host open mic at the haight. i'll be here tomorrow for thursday for poems under the dome. i offer a short poem. this relates to unused public spaces. the garden of humanitarian. the garden of humantarians in golden gate park is deserted. the wooden green benches and tables sit vacant. where has all the ben he have lance gone? i enter the grove and find a crumpled up pack of cigarettes and orange peels scattered on the ground. as far humanity goes, this place is forgotten and forlorn. still, the birds sing from tree limbs over the yellow of these ever present flowers. thank you. and i encourage each one of you to visit your district branch library and look at the shelf for poetry. it's usually only about this long. and i think that can be expanded and each neighborhood branch
. okay. we got somebody down up in front. bobby! back up. keep an eye on him here. i need to hold him! sit tight. just sit tight. i think that's bobby. is he okay? ( garbled radio transmission ) 425, control. do it again. looks like he's... he's been... struck in the face a couple of times. i was just outside with him. there was nothing wrong with him at all. man: see, i don't know what's wrong with him. he has seizures. schutz: stand back. just stand back. just get everything back. man: better hold him down. no, you got to let him go. you just got to let him go. did anyone there mention his name? ten-four. ( several people talking ) shh. what are you saying happened here? he ain't supposed to be around here. is he supposed to live in here? no. the cops done been called... where did he come in through? woman: the side door. okay. and then what happened? he started grabbing on him started grabbing on... grabbing on him? the guy with the broken leg. then who did what? how did he get the injury? he started grabbing so i... what did you cut him with? nothing. how are you involved in thi
, quote, would expose the h. republican governor bobby jindal, though, supported it. he said, it's time we protected our freedom. now that it turns out that what he was protecting was the ability of convicted felons to legally possess ak-47s, governor bobby jindal put out a statement, quote, we disagree with the judge's ruling. he never thought this law he was joining with the nra to support would protect laws from felons owning guns, but it does. now thanks to the legislation you let the nra write for your state, the convicted felon who was in jail because he was found to be in possession with an ak-47 and handgun has been sprung from jail, and when the state supreme court hears the case soon, the people who warned against this nra law in the first place are warning one of the possible outcomes at the supreme court would be the law banning felons from having guns won't just be struck down permanently, it will be struck down retroactively, which would result in a mandatory springing from prison every convicted felon who's in jail in louisiana right now because he was a felon illegally in p
. >> that's great. >> let's bring our girl bobbie thomas! >> bobbie is having a very big week. >> how is the book? >> i'm just so grateful. >> how are the signings going? do you have any weekend we need to know about? >> not this weekend. i should know the test. >> that's okay, to find out more go to >> because it's green week, i wanted to highlight some items that are very cool. did you know you could recycle your wedding? most of us spend so much money i'm learning on planning a wedding. >> we can sell items from your wedding to other people who are planning theirs? >> russell's blog. you can post them and upload them and sell them to other people. i love this idea. i've been looking on there. >> dresses and everything? >> there's dresses to decor and even if you're not planning a wedding, a special event or if you just want linens. there are people selling like one and two pieces, a great way to upcycle nice things. not a waste of money. then this is a special project called the giving keys. i'm wearing some keys and all of these are old, discarded keys that now hav
for three years. last year, he put rosie on his budding superstar, shanghai bobby. rosie and bobby won five races in a row, and bobby became the two-year-old champion of the year, an early favorite to win the kentucky derby along with his favorite jockey, rosie. >> pletcher: for any rider to... to get to that level is quite an accomplishment. but especially for... for a girl, in... you know, in a profession that's largely male- dominated. >> simon: yes, you heard him right. horse racing may be the only profession in america where a mature 25-year-old woman is still called a girl. no glass ceiling here; more like concrete. barbara jo rubin-- b.j. for short-- was one of the first female jockeys. she started out 44 years ago. how bad was it when you started? >> rubin: a lot of trainers wouldn't let me even come under their shed row. you know, it was bad luck. >> simon: did they say why? >> rubin: yes, it was bad luck, and they wanted me out of there. >> simon: and they got her out of there. she ended up racing in the bahamas because male jockeys in florida threatened to shut down the track if
bobby seal. the founder huey newton of black panther party. he's in the process of producing a important film. there are several films about the panthers, different aspect. they haven't done justice to the broader history. this is a really important project that he's taking on. and we're fortunate. he's going get a chance to talk to us about that as well. he's coming up as a special guest to speak after waldo. so let me jump in, this is a big book, and i'm not going take a lot of time here, i want to give you the outline of the project in our argument. and run through some of the photographs. we're lucky to have fifty photographs in the book. a few of them here. i'm going share with you tonight/this afternoon. we started this project asking why in this moment in the mid '60s after the tremendous success of the civil rights movement and really the demonstrate i have power of nonvie -- violence. why this moment in the late '60s did the black panther party and revolutionary claims and a challenge to america as empire. why did this politics become so influential and important? why did so man
's keeping with the city's ports plans. thank you >> any public comment? >> hello my name is bobby winning son i own the newspapers that you mentioned earlier. i own a store here in the believe we sell the ferry tickets. i'm authenticly in favor of what jan is proposing. we've very lucky to have jan at the ferry building. it's long overdue i share with tom, i admire a lot. it's ashamed full it's as crude as it is. the doorstop to san francisco. but that's a long woo to $1 million. i've been trying to gal in his the court for tom's vision. jan's talking about an important step. now parking is an - we need some sanity regarding the traffic that's out there right now. it's a good plan an overdue plan. really overdue. i look forward to getting this plan approved. >> any further public comment? seeing none >> first of all, this does require imply action this is an inform presentation. i'll love to have the commissioners all here we need to have a discussion. i appreciate the presentation and the appreciate the democracy for and against but i appreciate a little bit more what the commissioners
. tell me about your relationship with frank. areou have to remember you a young kid. bobby darin and i were close. are we goinghere to go from here. bogner the kids are going to go, and all we have to look at is the rat pack. i did not discover the beatles until a couple years later when i went over there. when you first met sinatra, you are in total awe. he was one of the best friends you could ever have. when he liked you, he liked you. you learn so much from him. a lot of things about him were very much and influence on me and everyone else. once you get around that, you get to experience something i do not think we will get to see again. there will never be anyone like francs sinatra. >> dean martin? >> he was a lovable guy. he played to the hilt. it was apple juice. he was the type of guy that would show up in the steam room. we would all walk around nude in front of each other. he would peel off. he liked to go to bed early. he would sit there and watch westerns, and he was just a gentle man, a fun-loving guy. frank adored him. he was easy to get along with. c.m.e.? >> c.m.e. is
. yeah, i guess i'll keep him. (laughs) lin, stop. you stop. no, stop, lin. no, you stop, little bobby. mm-hmm, stop. bobby, stop. look at you two, you're like an old married couple. we put up with each other. all right, enough, gene. gene, get back to the kitchen. how could dog poop make it all the way up two flights of stairs and into the library on a shoe without being wiped off? tele-poop-tation? let's experiment. we need something the exact same size and texture as poop. how about dad's burger? it's even the same color! great idea. (both making fart noises) what the hell are you kids doing? walking on one of dad's burgers to see how much like dog doo it is. oh, science. it's clean. that can mean only one thing: the poos must have come from inside the school. which means, they're probably human! i knew there was a story there. we're looking at a serial pooper. oh, my god. is it you, louise? i've dabbled in the area, but i don't get enough food to be a serial pooper. i, uh, probably only poop once a week. i think i'll call the culprit the mad pooper. ooh, i got a better one. the but
. update news reporter bobby dupree gives us a look at his plans. ">>>screams and shouts filled the air as the results to the a.s. presidential elections were announced. junior business major, nicholas ayala, won the position in the record breaking ten percent voter turnout elections. only three percent of eligible students voted last year. "im feeling pretty good right now. i was kind of nervous to see what the results were actually going to be but now that the results are out i am excited to see what next year has in store." "out of all of the candidates i was very happy that he was the one elected. i think that, considering the issues that students are facing right now. he will be a very strong advocate for students." with the elections over and his position solidified, some may wonder, what ayala's plans are for the new year. "one of the biggest changes is a.s.'s presence will grow over the next year substantially and then once people are able to know what a.s. is, everything else falls into place." "i see a brighter future for a.s. because even though i know the position now, schoo
, i hope you do too. we thank you for coming on "the war room." louisiana dodged a bullet when bobby gentel's tax plan went nowhere. but now he is advocating for teaching creationism in public schools. one of the reasons i would take him over kid president any daye. >> i have got no problem if a local school board says we want to teach your kids about creationism, that some people have these beliefs as well. i think teach them the best science, give them the tools where they can make up their own mind not only in science, but as you teach about other controversial issues whether it's global warming or climate change or these other issues what are we scared of? >> michael: you. that was bobby jindal advocating that schools teach creationism. in 2008, he signed the louisiana science education act which allows public school teachers to do just that. and thanks to a new law, millions in taxpayer dollars are going to teach this pseudo science. things like nessie, the loch ness monster was a dinosaur. a repeal failed, but that has not stopped them from fighting this goo
. you learn about bobby has a wet dream at night. that is it. the end of it. then you walk out and look like oh, well. >> i did not see that film but am going to be looking for it on the internet. i'm just writing down the words very to read. bobby and auditorium. >> and the bill to let noncitizens sit on juries. >> i -- they're here legally. not talking about illegal aliens. i don't think -- are they a jury of our peers? >> that is a fallacy. >> i stole that idea from someone else. >> and last thing you say you take offense to the idea nobody wants to do jury duty. if you tell foreigners they're going to have to sit on juries they're not coming. >> you get out of the northeast going west if you go out to the heartland and talk to people they view it as an important part of their citizenship. >> mike? mike? i'd like to think that. >> the man goes boise. suddenly he's the heart of america. do you have a pickup truck yet? >> i do. i do. >> you do? >> what kind? >> a 1991 jeep wagoneer. >> that is not a pickup truck that. is a cool, retro early on suv. >> i'm a hipster. >> yes. >> what abo
surprised by that. but happy. >> and bobbie sue. >> wow. bobbie sue was a real bow wow. >> not a real looker. but anyway. of the ten -- >> honey boo-boo got bobbie sue. >> of the ten that we started with there are only three left. >> i'm surprised. and they're all sweet. this was my second choice. >> nutmeg. >> nutmeg. a 10-week-old male shihtzu. >> did you say that right? >> i think so. he's a sweet puppy and he loves to cuddle and he sits quietly on your lap. >> he had little shoes on. >> and then -- >> he's precious. >> and then 10-week-old baker. a male dachshund terrier, he likes to be held. he may take a little time to come out of his shell. and you can translate into that whatever you want. >> and finally, 5-month-old scotland, a female poodle-terrier mix. she's energetic and full of life. which means she's energetic and full of life. >> young. >> so come on, you guys, let's make it a -- not a trifecta -- >> there's three left. >> a deca -- just 10 for 10. >> what? >> 10 for 10. >> i know it's 10. what's the latin word for 10, kate? >> make it a deca-deca. >> yeah, you better run. >>
in cleveland working for a law firm, and this next call comes from bobby in ohio. >> caller: i've got a question for you in regards to the comment you made about rg 3:and the article about him being called an uncle tom. why would you state that person saying that would be republican? wouldn't democrats actually sometimes have feelings like that? i'm a republican, and i don't feel that way towards rg iii, so i'm just curious why you would say that. >> guest: you either misunderstood what i said, or i said it badly. what i said was the espn guy criticized rg iii because he thought he was republican. he said there's a rumor he's republican, i don't know about that. he's got a white fiancee, i don't know about that. he called him a cornball brother because he suspected that rg iii was a republican, but he had a white fiancee. that is why this caster called him a cornball brother which i think is a racist thing. so i'm sorry if i misexplained it. >> host: go ahead, bobby, you're still on the line. >> caller: i appreciate that. i agree the same way you do then. i think it's totally a racist
is near the beginning, and it is right after bobby met hanz, and hojunk, ambassadors from korea, met them from new york city and was wondering if they would follow up with a call after the first meeting. i kept and on the phone for the rest of the afternoon and all the next morning. when the north koreans haven't called by 4 o'clock the following day, i went into my back office and dialed the number on the napkin. dprk mission, said a man with a thick accent. i asked for hojung. after a few minutes a soft voice i recognized as hanz came on the line. mr. hanz, i said, its bobby egan, we met two nights ago. how can i help you, mr. egan? call me bobby. hanz didn't say anything. after a few moments i said you asked me to meet. i just following up. >> what are you following he asked? outside my office a dishwasher more easily stacked plates and i shut the door with my foot. our meeting, i said. i figured you would want to meet again. are you requesting a meeting? i'm not requesting anything that you said you wanted to meet. why do you want to meet? i wondered if he was trying to piss me off. d
never motivate and try to inspire people by doing this. >> greta: how about bobby knight? >> well, he did it in the past. the difference is, is that, first of all, it was a bit of a different day and age. second of all, that is not to dismiss it because he was abusive at that time. and a he paid the penalty for it. but also bobby knight won and won regularly. rice's record was 44-51. he was 16-38 in the the conference. >> greta: do you get immunity if you have a winning record for that kind of bullying behavior? >> no, i don't think so. i don't think you you get immunity at all and i don't think bobby knight got immunity. he was the poster child up until now and now replaced by mike rice. this cannot be tolerated. they are there and put in place to motivate guys, to get them to be better. to be looked up to and admired. but you know, this is a failure in all of our beg institutions. look at what goes on in the churches with the priests. what goes on with the coaches, jerry sandusky. in the schools with the teachers fixing grades and tears apart the fabric of our society and it it is
when i was brand new back in 1981. there were folks in alley ways, one comes to mind his name was bobby, you wouldn't even recognize him from the time you would initially contact him to the time he would get out after a 90 day hold for court. you don't have that anymore. the answer can't be to do nothing. so as police officers here in san francisco there is a myriad of options that officers go through whether it's 51/50 where people are danger to themselves or to others, door alleys, i know there are some mental health professionals who work closely with our program. we are trying not to get folks into custody. dr. mcglaegen, when we like restaurants, it's no fun arresting a drunk. there is a huge range. but again, with the city of san francisco, you have to do something. when you have people that is certain unimaginable. they can't make the call. they would help themselves if they could but they can't. so in talking about the san diego sip program which i know our mayor is in favor of and we are going to try to do it in this city and we have talked to them about the work they do with d
bobby knight? he was known for his hot temper and throwing chairs. but this video led to his dismissal at indiana. >> maybe i grabbed him by the shoulder, by the walk of the neck, i don't know. i don't remember everything i have done in practice. >> reporter: now the question looms, will rice face the same fate as knight? so the questions remain this morning, whether rice will keep his job and whether pernetti and others involved in the suspension will face disciplinary action. we have reached out to the university, but so far have not heard back. we'll keep you posted on developments. carol. >> i'm sure you will keep reaching out to rutgers, many thanks to you. >>> earlier, we heard from an epsn reporter looking into the blossoming scandal, he was asked are these kinds of abuses all that uncommon? >> what we've seen in recent months is more and more of these incidents coming to light. and i don't known that means there is a heightened sensitivity to it, but we had a report recently on espn where we talked about coaching millennials, and it's the case now that a lot of student athletes
is not spoiled. i want to thank bobby and alex for coming on a school night. i want to thank you, too. >> you are welcome. >> [laughter]. >> one of the things the book has done is opened their eyes to japan and japanese culture which is new to a lot of them. what are some of the more important aspects of japanese culture that you would want us to take away reading this book? we are fixated on figuring out who the samurai is we have ideas and we are trying to deconstruct the attributes of a samurai. in your opinion what would be useful for us to think about or focus on as we finish the book. we are a third of the way through it. >> one of those kind of questions [laughter]. i will tell you about an e mail i got this entire high school on the east coast is reading the samurai's garden. i started to get 30 e mails. they discovered through the website an e mail which would come directly tow me. i started to figure it out when all the questions were the same. they -- it was the questions which they had to write their essay on. one young woman wrote me and said, i don't know if i have time to re
our next poet. >>> next poet indeed, supervisor. bobby coleman from the tenants union and other groups where i organize poets, writers and artists. i want to thank the supervisors for their support of poetry literature and the great history of cultural arts in san francisco during national poetry month. i want to thank supervisors mar -- supervisor mar for his kind comments, and supervisor avalos for fine reading of a wonderful poem and the haiku to the mayor during question time which i saw. and all the supervisors for considering that the legacy of san francisco in a way depends upon the continuation of the legacy of the poetry arts in san francisco. also to my fellow poets and other kind comments and contributions today, and to the laureate alejandro magia, i poem today is a third of the traditional trip let of haikus that form a traditional haiku, just a small one, written after i read the agenda. public interest. the winds and blossoms of spring have no lobbyists. one more time. public interest. the winds and blossoms of spring have no lobbyists. thank you very much. >> thank you.
out $8,000, turned it into $90,000, bobby abbot of searchlight's comics and toys, and started a whole toy business because he could get a return on investment of 1025%. - and discouraging as that process might be, you say be persistent is the last point. marc gorlin from kabbage. thank you so much. good to know. still ahead, why this week's swift sell-off in the stock market is making room for another shot at home builder stocks. chart talk is next. th a deadly disease. i was one of them. i'm a nurse and i knew how damaging the disease was to my life. nothing i tried seemed to work. my brother died. from complications of the exact same preventable disease and i knew i had to do something to get healthy. my disease was obesity and after consulting with my doctor, i received the effective treatment i needed. obesity is a second leading cause of preventable death in the united states. but it's a treatable disease, and there's effective treatment options available. now is time to get help. please join the obesity action coalition and acknowledge obesity as a disease for acceptance, for ac
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